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Here are a few links to take you to other cairn and dog pages, enjoy your trip:

Tycadno Cairns - Wales
Shearwater Cairns - England
Carradine Cairns - England
Conundrum Cairns & Borders - England
Birselaw - Scotland
Orior Cairns - Northern Ireland
Cadagio Cairns - Southern Ireland

Kennel Rasken's- Sweden
Kennel Skorpionen- Sweden
Kennel Cairness- Norway
Kennel Lachleen - Denmark
Kennel Mc.Cairn  - Denmark
Kennel Mr Winterbottom - Denmark
Kennel Zalazar - Denmark

Kennel Decisionmate's - Germany
Kennel Hyde Castle - Austria

Red flame Cairns - Italy
Carin's Cairns - Italy
Emerald City Cairns -  Australia


Midland Cairn Terrier Club UK

South Wales & West of England Cairn Terrier Club UK

Southern Cairn Terrier Club UK

The Kennel Club

National Terrier Club, UK

Cairn Group - Denmark

Gillian Ward  ∞  Bicester ∞ Oxon ∞ UK 

Phone: 01869 240590